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  • Changes to our DPA

    We have changed our DPA to reflect a change in one of our sub-processors.

  • New update in Smartplan: Explanation in case of missing clock out

    Have you ever experienced feeling unsure about whether your employees have clocked out from their shifts? If so, you might appreciate our latest update. We have made it easier for you to understand why your employees’ hours appear as they do in look-ups.

  • Improved overview of available shifts

    We have made it easier for you to get an overview of the available shifts, that exist on your account.

  • New in Smartplan: Time balances

    Shortly before the summer vacation we told that we were working on a new feature and now, we can finally announce that the feature has been launched! So from today, it is possible for you to get an overview of your employees’ time balances in Smartplan. Let us take a look at it.

  • Update to Smartplan Assistant

    Now, we are ready with one of our larger updates which we feel confident you will appreciate and benefit from. Today, we have added two new rules to Smartplan and improved our Assistant, so that you can get an even better distribution of your employees when you are using our automatic shiftplanning.

  • The complete guide to Hours and Salary

    In the menu item “Hours & Salary” you can achieve a complete overview of your employees’ hours. In this article, we will go through the different options you have regarding hours and salary in Smartplan.

  • News! Smartplan supports API

    Now it is possible to do integrations with Smartplan through our recently launched API.

  • New updates to Smartplan’s messaging function

    We have just now launched an update to our message system, that makes it even easier for you to handle your organisation’s communication - all within Smartplan.

  • Add and edit employees directly in Smartplan’s app

    Today, we have a new update ready which should make it even easier for you to keep track of your employees in Smartplan. Going forward, you can easily add new employees and edit existing employees’ profiles - directly in the app.

  • Update: Improved dropdown to staffing of shifts

    Today, we have launched an update which improves the planningtool in Smartplan. We have several improvements in the making, and today the first one is ready for you.

  • Update: New ways to handle absence in Smartplan

    This time we are ready with one of the bigger updates to Smartplan. We have changed the way in which you can handle your employees’ absence. This goes for creating, editing and deleting absence in Smartplan.

  • Benefits of using Smartplan Plus

    When choosing a subscription you can also choose to purchase Smartplan Plus. The basic subscription includes everything you need in order to create your rota online: User-friendly shiftplanning, shift swaps and communication. Smartplan Plus is for those customers who want even more exact time recording, salary export and more assistance during planning.

  • 15 news to Smartplan

    On a daily basis, we receive requests from our customers in terms of how we could develop on the system, and this is something we really appreciate. The last couple of weeks, we have been working on how to turn some of these requests into reality and therefore, we are now ready to present 15 news til Smartplan.

  • New updates to Smartplan: Push messages, emails and inboxes

    In the beginning of August, we launched a new messages feature in Smartplan and since then we have been working on a number of updates - several of which have been requested by our customers. Hopefully, you will now experience even better communication opportunities in Smartplan.

  • Punch clock on mobile and a better overview of time recording

    Lately, we have been working on a couple of news and now, we are finally ready to share them with you.

  • Two new features in Smartplan

    Last week we launched two new features in Smartplan which I would like to tell you about. Both of these features have been requested by some of our customers so hopefully, you can benefit from them.

  • We are launching a new notifications system

    I hardly know where to begin. This is one of the big ones. Let me start with the most important: We are now launching Push messages for Android and iPhone. Read more about what that means here.

  • Improvements to the logbook and the request-function

    We have recently updated Smartplan with some improvements, which should make it easier for you to use Smartplan in your daily work.

  • Updating the Assistant

    Now that the dust has settled after the launch of our planning assistant, it’s time for an update to the function.

  • Open position: Full-Time Python/Django Web Developer

    We are looking for a talented developer to join us full-time.

  • Creating a new location just got easier

    We’re often asked how to divide schedules into different groups. Or how to give a schedule a heading.

  • Delete messages and change account

    Today we’re shipping two new features for Smartplan: Delete messages and an improved navigation.

  • Smartplan’s New Year’s Resolutions

    First and foremost, we at Smartplan would like to start out by wishing you all a happy New Year! We hope you had a nice Christmas with all your loved ones and have entered 2016 the best (and safest) way possible. Entering a new year is to many people associated with a fresh start and an opportunity to make life changes. Some set out to lose 10 kg while others set out to save up money and go on a long wanted journey. Which New Year’s resolutions does Smartplan have for 2016? We’ve discussed it at the office and have found some good suggestions and some funny suggestions describing our goals for 2016.

  • Goodbye to our Interns

    Thursday last week was our Christmas party at Smartplan before the holidays. It was a nice day, which at the same time marked the end of the internship of our two interns, Louise and Maiken. We don’t know where the time went and we feel that they just started working with us yesterday! In connection with them finishing the internship, we’ve asked them to reflect on their time here at Smartplan.

  • The Famous and Notorious Christmas Party

    In the UK, Christmas parties are widely known as the office party of the year. It’s that one time where hierarchy doesn’t seem to matter that much and people let loose and dance and drink. It’s as much a celebration of the relationships at work as a celebration of Christmas. There are a lot of different traditions connected with Christmas parties in the different cultures around the world – in this blog post we want to write about the Danish tradition of the so called Christmas lunches.

  • How to Avoid Christmas Stress

    “Oh no, it’s December already!” That is how many people react when we, once again, enter the last month of the year. To many, Christmas equals stress, because they - in addition to the Christmas shopping - feel that they have much more than usual to live up to in December: Christmas parties almost every weekend, family get-togethers, decorating, baking and an intensified effort at work in order to make it all before the holidays. Reaching Christmas Eve, most people are exhausted and maybe even turn sick. But it doesn’t have to be that way - we hereby give you some simple pieces of advice on how to avoid Christmas stress.

  • Not Your Typical Customer

    At Smartplan we love customers – in all shapes and sizes! And we’re sure that many companies feel the same way. Also, we think that many companies sometimes come across surprising customers. These are customers that you wouldn’t expect to have use of your product or maybe even customers you didn’t know existed. This is something that we experience at Smartplan from time to time, and we see it as a positive thing, as it shows us that our product is versatile.

  • Have a Holly, Jolly Christmas With Smartplan

    “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!”

  • You Don’t Need an Investor to Become an Entrepreneur

    We’ve reached the last week of our entrepreneurship theme on the Smartplan Blog. The last post is written by one of the founders of Smartplan, Mathias Aggerbo, and it gives his view on funding. He questions the massive focus on funding and the millions that might follow.

  • Are You In on the Start-Up Jargon?

    If you read last week’s blog post, you know that we’re currently focusing on entrepreneurship. We do this in the hopes that we’re able to pass on some of our knowledge and experience within the field. After all, just three years ago the founders of Smartplan were in the exact same situation as every other start-up. Next week, you can read about the experiences of the founders Peter, Mathias and Mikkel. While we wait for that, this week’s blog post describes the terms’used in the world of start-ups, the so called start-up jargon:

  • “I Have a Brilliant Idea!” - 4 Pieces of Advice for the Entrepreneur

    Welcome to Smartplan’s entrepreneur weeks! Entrepreneurship is as popular as ever: last year, more than 500,000 new businesses were created in the UK alone, while TV programmes such as “Dragon’s Den” show how budding entrepreneurs try to convince investors to invest in their business ideas. Yet, far from every entrepreneur makes it on the often overcrowded markets. Therefore, we have chosen to focus on entrepreneurship on the blog during this and next week. This week, we concentrate on expert advice for entrepreneurs, while next week’s focus will be on our own experiences as entrepreneurs in Denmark. Enjoy!

  • Let Your Customers Speak For You: How to Make a Great Customer Case

    We often hear that word-of-mouth is the most effective way of letting potential customers know that your company exists and that your product is worth spending money on. Numerous marketing experts and companies agree on this, which applies to both B2C and B2B businesses. A study of the B2B market shows that 80% of the asked decision-makers of Danish companies think that customer cases have an influence on their choice of suppliers.

  • Smartplan: From Newborn to Toddler

    We previously gave you the story of Smartplan and how our baby was created in only 16 weeks. But do you know how much has happened since the launch 2.5 years ago? Have you noticed that Smartplan employee scheduling system has developed from a newborn into a toddler with multiple updates and new functions?

  • How to Lift Your Customer Service

    One of the things we’re constantly working on at Smartplan is customer service. We live to make our customers happy, so to speak, but we can always do better. Here are a few tips that we at Smartplan try to live by, in terms of customer service and contact:

  • Smartplan and the Farmer: Visiting Fristrupminde

    Last week we visited a customer, who at first sight seems like an unusual customer of Smartplan. But Smartplan isn’t only for bars and restaurants. There’s a very special type of customer that benefits from online employee scheduling as well: farmers. But how is Smartplan suitable for farming? That’s what we decided to find out by visiting Mike Timmermann on his farm Fristrupminde in Northern Jutland.

  • Heard at Smartplan – a guide to expressions used in the world of IT

    A few months ago, the three of us communication students started our internship at Smartplan. Since Smartplan is a company that provides SaaS and we would be working alongside three programmers we knew from the beginning, that we would come across some unknown expressions – and so we did! Now and then we still laugh when the programmers discuss their work at the office, as we still quite don’t follow it all. We imagine that many non-IT-specialists are in the a similar situation. Therefore, we have created a list of five funny and misunderstood phrases that we’ve come across in our short time at Smartplan. They’re silly examples of what we were thinking when we heard the phrases and what the phrases actually mean.

  • Socialising after Work

    Should you meet up with colleagues outside of work? And should fun be implemented in the workplace? That is often something that both employees and managers worry about.

  • The 3 Most Annoying Things About Scheduling In Excel

    In most businesses, Excel spreadsheets are an integrated part of the everyday work contributing to the management of, for example, finances and presenting data more clearly. Yet, when dealing with employee scheduling, Excel isn’t the most suitable tool for the task. We have made a top 3 featuring the most annoying things about using Excel for employee scheduling:

  • A Good Collaboration

    For the last week-and-a-half, Denmark’s second largest city Aarhus (which also happens to be the home of Smartplan) celebrated “Aarhus Festuge” – a returning event every year in Aarhus. It’s one of Northern Europe’s largest cultural festivals, but it’s also just a big town fair for the people living in Aarhus. We at Smartplan wanted to contribute to the festival. Being a small business, we know the importance of taking part in the local community around us. And of course, we wanted to be part of our festive surroundings.

  • How to Create a LinkedIn Company Page

    With over 380 million users, LinkedIn is the leading social networking site for professionals. Having a LinkedIn Company Page provides a great opportunity for businesses to promote their products and services, find new employees, and share interesting and useful updates.

  • The Story of Smartplan: Making Ideas Happen

    As some of you might know, Smartplan was founded two years ago by three entrepreneurs from Aarhus in Denmark: Peter Møller and the two brothers Mathias and Mikkel Aggerbo. But did you know that Smartplan employee scheduling software was created in only 16 weeks? Or that the team behind it developed everything themselves?

  • 5 Tips for Effective Employee Management

    To manage a business is more than shift scheduling – we know! One important aspect is that the leader of the company is able to lead and guide her or his employees. That way the employees are able to exploit their full potential, which will contribute to the business development of the company. Andrew Schrage, who is himself a small business owner (Money Crashers) specialised in economic counselling, has developed a set of advice on how to be great leader to your employees:

  • 3 Features that Make Smartplan Employee Scheduling Easy and Timesaving

    At Smartplan we are constantly thinking of ways to refine and update our product to make employee scheduling even easier for you. Take a look at some of our latest updates to Smartplan:

  • Smartplan Welcomes Our New Communication Interns

    As the summer is drawing to a close, changes are happening at Smartplan. On Wednesday 5th of August, Martina, Louise and Maiken, our three new communication interns, started working here at Smartplan. All three girls are Master students at Aarhus University with the department of Business and Social Sciences and have chosen to do an internship at Smartplan during their third semester. In the course of their internship, they are going to help give our communication a boost and try to give you a better experience of our online communication and social media. Additionally, they will work on generating more attention towards our company and software and help strengthen our position on the English-speaking markets.

  • Keeping track of your SaaS with ChartMogul on iPhone

    As a small company we keep a close eye at every single customer that signups up to try Smartplan for employee scheduling. One of our tools to keep up with our business is ChartMogul.

  • Smartplan is here and we can’t wait

    We’re finally open for business and we can’t wait to bring your employee schedule online. Last friday we invited our families to celebrate the hard work we have put in to Smartplan the last couple of month. We have been hard at work to bring Smartplan to you.

  • A Letter To the Small Business Owner who Hates Complicated Employee Schedules

    Dear Mr./Mrs. Small Business Owner,

Smartplan is a perfect match for your business

It’s easy to switch

Whether you’re currently using scheduling software, Excel or even a pen and paper, switching to Smartplan is quick and easy.

It just works

Smartplan combines a simple, user-friendly interface and powerful scheduling tools to create a system that just works.

Take care of your bottom line

We’ve ditched unnecessary frills and functions to give you the most cost-effective solution.