The complete guide to Hours and Salary

In the menu item “Hours & Salary” you can achieve a complete overview of your employees’ hours. In this article, we will go through the different options you have regarding hours and salary in Smartplan.

How to make a look-up in “Hours & Salary”

When you wish to get an overview of your employees’ hours, you have to open “Hours & Salary” in the menu on your account.

In here, you choose the period that you want to see hours for.

Then all employees who have had hours in this period will appear in the overview. Employees who have had 0 hours in the period will therefore not appear in the list - unless absence has been added for them.

This means that if the employees have not worked or had absence in the chosen period, they will not appear in the overview.

The look-up will contain four columns: 1) Name of the employee, 2) Hours in the schedule, 3) Hours after changes and 4) Approved hours.

In the column, “Hours in the schedule”, you can see the planned hours for the shift. This means the hours that have been planned in the rota.

In the column, “Hours after changes”, you can see the hours after potential corrections have been made.

If you are using our punch clock, this is the column in which you will be able to see your employees’ hours according to when they have punched in and out to their shifts.

Base your look-up on specific rotas

In the bottom, right corner you can choose which rotas you want to include in your look-up.

This might be useful, if you for example are using several locations on your account. This way, you can quickly get an overview of the employees’ hours for each location.

Approve corrections

In the look-up, you will have an overview of your employees’ total number of hours for the period. You will also be able to see, if an employee has made changes to the planned hours. Correction, that have not yet been approved by an administrator, will be marked with red:

In this example, a comment has been added to the correction. This is marked with a small speech bubble.

In order to see all corrections and comments that have been made to the shift, you can simply click on the corrected meeting time for shift (09:00 - 10:45 in this example). Then you will be able to see all the corrections and potential comments that have been made:

If you want to approve the correction, simply click on “Accept changes”:

Then the number will be marked green instead of red.

Even though the corrections are in red, the hours will still be included when you are doing salary. The red colour will simply make you aware, that there are hours which have been changed and you can then afterwards choose to approve them.

Export hours to Excel

In “Hours & Salary”, you can choose to export your look-up to Excel.

If you want to export the hours, start by choosing the period that you would like to see hours for. Afterwards, you can click on “Export to Excel” next to the list:

Then an Excel-sheet will be downloaded to your computer.

The Excel-sheet contains seven tabs. On the first tab, “Introduction”, you can see what each of the different tabs in the sheet includes:

In the Excel-sheet, you can get an overview of the employees’ hours distributed on for example positions, employees and days.

Export salary to Excel

In “Hours & Salary” you can choose to export salary to an Excel or CSV file8. This is part of Smartplan Plus, which is an additional purchase you can make.

You can read more about Smartplan Plus in this article: Benefits of using Smartplan Plus.

Before doing salary for the first time, you have to set up salary types and supplements on the account which can be done by going to “Settings” → “Smartplan Settings” → “Salary”,

We hope that this guide can help you get started with Hours & Salary. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can either send us a message in the chat or send an email to

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