Get the full overview of your employees' time recording and do salary without hesitation

Register attendance through your rota, the punch clock in our app or from a tablet at work. All attendance will be gathered in one place in Smartplan so you can get the full overview.

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“When the rota has been made and everyday life is running smoothly, Smartplan keeps track of my employees' time recording. Then I can easily do salary by exporting a file to my salary system. It saves me an enormous amount of time and I am certain the salary is right.”

As responsible, you can always see exactly when your employees met and left

Choose a period for your look-up and see all the details regarding your employees' time recording. Export the hours to your salary system.

Export the hours to your salary system

With only a few clicks it is possible to export your hours into a file, which you can easily open in your salary system. This way, you do not have to do all the typing and you ensure that supplements, overtime and sickness gets handled automatically.

Take supplements into account

Avoid mistakes and set up your supplements in Smartplan so that you only have to click a few times to do salary. You only have to set it up once.

Choose which employees you want to export

If your rota includes both full-time employees and hourly paid employees you can choose which employees you would like to be part of your salary export from Smartplan.

Get all the details in an Excel sheet

If you would like a detailed picture of all attendace, you can choose to export the attendance to an Excel sheet. Here you will be able to see everything from person overviews to absence overviews.

Do not miss any details regarding each time recording

Sometimes details are required to get an overview of your business. Why is it a specific amount of hours? Why did the employee leave later than planned?

See exactly when an employee punched in and out or for a break.
See possible explanations attached to attendance.
Edit attendance if you as responsible disagrees.
See a full history of changes that have been made to an employee's attendance.

Everything you need to keep track of the full-time permanent employee's working time account and overtime

Handle time off in lieu

Use Smartplan's absence feature to register lieu days so that the time balance gets reduced. The employee creates absence which an administrator afterwards either approve or reject. At the same time, it is chosen whether the hours should count or not.

Create compensations

If overtime is paid as salary, you can create a compensation to reduce the time balance.

Weekly or monthly target

It is your call whether the employees' target should be calculated on a weekly or monthly basis. Choose a start date and then Smartplan will keep an eye on the balance going forward.

Handle time recording in 3 ways.

Punch clock on tablet

Use an iPad, Android tablet or computer where your employees have to meet for work. As long as the device has internet access, your employees can punch in when they meet and out when they leave. They can also register breaks, if you want them to.

Punch clock on mobile through Smartplans App

If your employees have to meet for work at many different locations, or if you want to make it easy to punch in and out from their phone, you can activate the punch clock in our app. It is up to you, which locations the employees can punch in and out from through the phone's GPS location.

Register attendance without the punch clock

Just like a more traditional time sheet, you can choose to let your employees edit attendance as soon as their shift has begun. You can see all the corrections and approve or decline them. If the attendance is not edited by the employee they will receive hours according to the rota.

Read more about our punchclock

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