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Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost?

Our prices start at just £24 per month. Regardless of what plan you choose, you get the full functionality of Smartplan. You can see all of our prices here.

We also offer you to try Smartplan before you pay anything. For 30 days, everything is free with no obligations and no credit card required.

Is the price fixed?

Yes. The price is monthly and fixed depending on the number of your employees listed in Smartplan. So if you have 15 or less employees, your price is £24 per month.

Does Smartplan have an App?

Yes. Find our iPhone App in the Apple App Store and our Android App at the Google Play Store.

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What happens when my free trial expires?

When you approach the ending of your trial, Smartplan will ask you to pick a plan for your company. If you choose a plan, Smartplan will charge your credit card every month for as long as you wish to use Smartplan. You only pay one month ahead, and if you delete your account, Smartplan won't charge you again.

If your trial expires and you don't choose a plan, we will freeze your account. All your data is saved and your employees will still have access to your schedules.

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Why are Smartplan and my business the perfect match?

Easily switch without frustrations

It’s too inconvenient to switch from Excel or your current system. Don’t worry – with Smartplan you will be up and running in minutes

Because you need software that works

Want an online rota that works? Smartplan is the solution!

Because price matters

Low prices and no commitment are important to you and you don’t need unnecessary functions.