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General information 5

Account ownership, prices, payment, cancellation etc.

Getting Started 5

Learn how you plan and publish a rota, create an employee and use shift swaps

Planning a rota - the planning tool 14

We will go through the planning tool and show you how to use it

Guide to Smartplan Assistant 3

Learn about setting up and monitoring rules as well as automatic planning

Guide to Smartplan punch clock 4

Everything you need to know about the punch clock

Absence 5

In this guide you can learn how to handle absence in Smartplan

Hours & Salary 8

Keep track of your employees' hours in Smartplan

Time balances 5

Read more about how to set up time balances in Smartplan. You can also learn how you can counterbalance overtime or adjust the balance in other ways.

Employees 8

Find answers to all your questions regarding employees - from login to passwords

Locations 5

Locations divide your rotas and make it easier for your employees to see their shifts

Synchronise shifts to your calendar 9

If you synchronise your shifts to your calendar, you do not have to check Smartplan to see when you have to work

Communication in Smartplan 4

All communication between employees and administrators can be gathered in Smartplan

How to log in 4

These articles will help you log into Smartplan

Shift swaps 3

Everything about how shift swaps work in Smartplan

How to guides for employees 9

Employees can request vacation, correct hours and swap shifts in Smartplan