Everything you need to plan your shifts online.

Smartplan has everything you need to get rid of Excel spreadsheets, pen and paper. We have chosen the exact features you need to plan your shifts online while saving as much time as possible. We have chosen the features that makes you a happier and faster planner. Here is a list of everything you get with Smartplan.

Online Rota on Phone, Tablet and Computer.

Put your Rota in the pockets of your employees.

  • Complete Rota on iPhone and Android.

  • Swap shifts and edit your Rota from you phone.

  • Easily find contact information.

  • Send a message from Smartplan from your phone.

  • Never miss important changes.

You can read more about Smartplan on the phone or about how easy it is to communicate in Smartplan.

Personal profile on smartphones.

Easy planning

Are you ready to become a better planner?

  • Easily create a rolling rota.

  • Easy to use template system.

  • Copy functionality.

  • Multiple locations or departments.

  • Define competences on shifts.

  • Make sure your ressources are used properly with a hourly overview.

  • Avoid conflicting shifts. Smartplan keeps an eye out for you.

  • Edit your rota when changes happen. They will happen.

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Planning of a time block.

Hours and salary

Handle your salary with peace of mind.

  • Avoid misunderstandings and make sure you only pay for actual work.

  • Do you pay salary during illness or only for actual work? You decide.

  • Smartplan tracks when your employees come and go.

  • User friendly and easy overview of you hours.

  • Export a detailed hourly overview to Excel.

  • See, edit and approve changes in hours worked.

  • Integrate your attendence from a punch clock.

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Logbook lookup

Shift Swap

Employees kan book empty shifts.

  • Employees can swap shifts.

  • Admin can approve or deny swap shifts, if preferred.

  • Admins are notified about swaps on email or Text.

  • Employees can put shifts up for sale.

Shift swaps on an open day.

Automatic planning

Stay en control, but let go of the boring part.

  • No more post its or texts. Recieve requests from your employees right inside Smartplan.

  • Let Smartplan suggest a rota based on your employees requests.

  • Plan the importants shifts yourself. Let Smartplan do the rest.

  • Create you rota automatically. It's like magic.

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Setting up requests

Always up to date and online rota

Forget about out-dated spreadsheets and paper notes.

  • New shifts and changes are updated as they happen.

  • Syncronize shifts with your personal calendar on your phone, Google Calendar or Outlook.

  • The rota is accesable on all Smartphones, tablets and computers.

  • Write important messages inside your rota.

  • Have an iPhone? Download our iPhone App.

  • Have an Android? Download our Android App.

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Always up-to-date on all units.


Never miss important changes.

  • Recieve notifications about important events.

  • Recieve notifications on text and or Email.

  • You decide when and to whom to send notifications.

  • Make sure important messages are delivered.

Messages on a day

Vacation and Holiday

Because sometimes your employees need a break.

  • Create and handle employee absence.

  • Avoid planning an absent employee.

See absence directly from the rota.

Punch Clock

If you want to track attendence.

  • It only takes a second to check in or out.

  • Track when your employees come and go.

  • Let the employees check in from a computer, tablet or smartphone.

  • You decide on which units the punch clock works.

  • Setup the punch clock to comply with your needs.

  • Check in, Check out or take a break.

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Smartplan Punch Clock on an iPad.

Bring your rota online now