Do you have both hourly paid and full-time permanent employees and lack an overview of the time balance and overtime?

Use Smartplan's time balances to gather all your employees' time recording in one place. Plan your full-time permanent employees or let them register their meeting time in Smartplan and get an overview of their time balances, overtime, account and targets.

Overtime, flex account, working time account and timebank. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Use Smartplan to get an overview.

Activate time balances on your Smartplan account and choose how the balance should be calculated. Attended hours minus target, planned hours minus target or attended hours minus planned hours. Next, you choose whether the employees should be able to see their own balances and then you are ready to start using the balances for your employees.

You decide who you want to use the time balances for.

Choose which employees you would like to have a working time account that Smartplan can calculate the balance for. When you activate it for an employee, you choose a target and whether that target is for a week or a month. You can also overwrite the general calculation, if some employees should have their balances calculated in a specific way.

All the details are included so that you can get a better overview. Keep track of how we calculate the balance.

When you look up an employee you can get a detailed overview of the calculation of the time balance. So you can easily figure out, how Smartplan has done the calculations. Add compensations to affect the balance.

The time balance is fully integrated in Smartplan so you can always keep track of it.

Achieve a complete overview of the employees' time balances when you make a look-up in Smartplan. All of the time recording can be found in the same place as the balances. Simply click on a time balance to see the calculation.

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“When the rota has been made and everyday life is running smoothly, Smartplan keeps track of my employees' time recording. Then I can easily do salary by exporting a file to my salary system. It saves me an enormous amount of time and I am certain the salary is right.”

Everything you need to keep track of the full-time permanent employee's working time account and overtime

Handle time off in lieu

Use Smartplan's absence feature to register lieu days so that the time balance gets reduced. The employee creates absence which an administrator afterwards either approve or reject. At the same time, it is chosen whether the hours should count or not.

Create compensations

If overtime is paid as salary, you can create a compensation to reduce the time balance.

Weekly or monthly target

It is your call whether the employees' target should be calculated on a weekly or monthly basis. Choose a start date and then Smartplan will keep an eye on the balance going forward.

Frequently asked questions about time balances with Smartplan

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