About us

Smartplan was founded in 2013 by the entrepreneurs Mathias Aggerbo, Mikkel Aggerbo and Peter Møller and is an online employee planning software company based in Aarhus, Denmark.

Smartplan was created in order to fulfill a need to replace the outdated Excel spreadsheets as well as the big, complex employee management systems used to create and manage staff rotas. Our idea was to create a simple and easy yet powerful system that would benefit the schedulers of the world by bringing their rotas online.

The flexible and powerful features of Smartplan’s intelligent shift planning enable our users to save time, effort and money on management tasks by eliminating manual processes and paper-based systems.

Smartplan is usable for all types of businesses and industries around the world from cafés, bars and hotels to healthcare and public services. We deliver innovative planning solutions for every need. Our business philosophy is to be honest and transparent with simple and unmistakable prices. We work hard every day to ensure that our system works for our users and is up-to-date.

Happy planning!

Smartplan is a perfect match for your business

It’s easy to switch

Whether you’re currently using scheduling software, Excel or even a pen and paper, switching to Smartplan is quick and easy.

It just works

Smartplan combines a simple, user-friendly interface and powerful scheduling tools to create a system that just works.

Take care of your bottom line

We’ve ditched unnecessary frills and functions to give you the most cost-effective solution.