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We're very happy with Smartplan. After we started using it, it has brought clarity over our hourly employed aswell as our fulltime employees. It's nice with an app to always have our rota with us.

Thomas Stubbs
Owner of Stubbs Gastronomie

Online rota on mobile, tablet and PC.

Get rid of Excel and get all the advantages by putting the rota directly in your employees' pockets. Smartplan is available on all devices so that you are always updated and can make changes in just a minute.

  • Free apps for iPhone and Android.

  • Available on Web and iPad and tablets.

  • Swap shifts and edit in the rota directly from your mobile.

  • Find contact information on your employees in just a second.

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  • Never miss important changes.

Simple low prices. No hidden fees.

€29 /month Up to 15 employees
€39 /month Up to 30 employees
€49 /month Up to 45 employees

(VAT not included) - Have more than 45 employees? Get in touch at

Smartplan is a perfect match for your business

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Whether you’re currently using scheduling software, Excel or even a pen and paper, switching to Smartplan is quick and easy.

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Smartplan combines a simple, user-friendly interface and powerful scheduling tools to create a system that just works.

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We’ve ditched unnecessary frills and functions to give you the most cost-effective solution.