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Are you tired of planning your shifts in Excel but not ready to take on a complicated and expensive system? With Smartplan you get everything you need at a low price: Userfriendly shiftplanning, easy communication, shiftswapping, punchclock, salary, free Apps and everything in between.

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Here is what some of our current customers searched for when they chose Smartplan:

  • "I was looking for an easey and clear system to handle shiftplanning of my customer service."
  • "I was looking to explore how to combine shiftplanning and timetracking in one online system."
  • "I needed a more effective tool til create and maintain rotas. It also had to be easy for my employees to get an overview of the rota."
  • "For it to be easier than planning in Excel."
  • "For a longer period, we did the planning manually with pen and paper. And at the end of every month we ran into the same kinds of problems: counting hours, unreadable meeting times and notes about shifts and a lot of trouble with breaks and timeattendance."
  • "i sought a flexible rota which was easy and userfriendly"
  • "To be able to create my rota faster and not get locked in an Excel spreadsheet, which I used before. This is very easy and clear to use"
  • "I bought a subscription, it is easy to get an overview and very userfriendly to use. It is perfect, thanks 👍"
  • "you came highly recommended, that's why we chose you."

Smartplan helps you with the 3 most important Phases during the Life of your online Rota:

1. Shiftplanning

The first phase is the planning itself. The puzzle where the staffing need is defined and covered. Smartplan has everything you need to provide you with the full planning overview in an shift planning system that is easy to use.

Full hourly overview during planning
Effective staffing tools with overview over availability
Clever template system for you to create rotas with repeating patterns and save time
Automatic shift planning based on employee requests and rules
Handle planning requests from your employees
shift planning tool

2. When the Rota is published to your employes

As soon as the rota is published to your employees, it starts to live. This is where the planned meets reality. It's in this phase that overview is important. Smartplan helps you with everything from shift swaps to communication, timeattendance and absence. That way you never loose control of your employees.

Handle shift swaps with a full overview. Easy for you and your employees.
Messagesystem for you to keep all you communication in one place.
Timetracking that fits your company. With or without punchclock.
Full overview over your rota online or on your phone via our App.
Shift swapps - timetracking - messages

3. Hours and Salary

The last phase is the handling of hours and salary. If you want to make sure you payout the correct salary for the hours worked, Smartplan will give you the total overview before you do your salary.

Userfriendly overview of your timetracking from punchclock on iPad or App.
Approve or decline changes in time trackings.
Define supplements that fits your employees contracts
Export hours to your salary system with few clicks.

Smartplan is a perfect match for your business

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Whether you’re currently using scheduling software, Excel or even a pen and paper, switching to Smartplan is quick and easy.

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Smartplan combines a simple, user-friendly interface and powerful scheduling tools to create a system that just works.

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