This scheduling tool will make your planning look easy

Excel sheets or paper are simple, yet complicated when it comes to scheduling. Exclude all the complicated elements and make your life easier by using Smartplan, which is one of the most simple and accommodating systems on the market.

The Template Designed for You and Your Business

We have made it easy for you to get started, since Smartplan has a template feature. This feature helps you plan your first schedule or functions as a time-saving tool later on when creating the upcoming schedules. A few clicks and your template knows what shifts your first day contains. Without you doing anything, Smartplan automatically copies your template to the schedule you are planning. Change something in your template and Smartplan will update the rest of your schedule. Customize the template for exactly your needs.

Keep Track of Your Business

With an Excel sheet or paper, it can be difficult to get an overview of the planned and actual shift hours used - but it doesn’t have to be so. Anytime you assign a shift in your template, Smartplan copies it to your schedule and calculates how many hours you used. The sidebar in the planning tool ensures that you constantly know how many hours you planned and how many need planning. It even notifies you if there are any conflicting shifts so that every shift is always correctly covered.

Quick and Streamlined Scheduling

Scheduling shifts often involves a massive amount of repetition. Save time by using Smartplan’s copy icon to copy a shift, a day or a whole week with just a few clicks. Smartplan relieves the burden of scheduling and allows you to spend more time running your business.

Take Your Employees’ Needs Into Consideration

Asking your employees when they are unable to work not only creates good workplace relations, it also ensures a more harmonic employee schedule with a smaller risk of changes and problems. The coordination can, however, be time-consuming and a subject to mistakes - unless you let Smartplan do the work. Just customize your schedule template and your scheduling needs, and Smartplan collects the inputs from your employees.

Charlotte Harrington

I can't work thursday every odd week. Besides that I can't work 19th of May after 3pm

Michael Johnson

I can't work after 3pm, because I need to pick up my kids at the kindergarden

Why are Smartplan and my business the perfect match?

Easily switch without frustrations

It’s too inconvenient to switch from Excel or your current system. Don’t worry – with Smartplan you will be up and running in minutes

Because you need software that works

Want an online rota that works? Smartplan is the solution!

Because price matters

Low prices and no commitment are important to you and you don’t need unnecessary functions.