Two new features in Smartplan

Last week we launched two new features in Smartplan which I would like to tell you about. Both of these features have been requested by some of our customers so hopefully, you can benefit from them.

Lock role editing for employees

Now, you can choose if employees who are not administrators should be able to edit their roles. You can find the setting by going to “Settings” → “Smartplan Settings” → “Roles”:

By default this setting is turned on, so if you do not change anything it will work just like you know it today.

If you choose that the employees can not change their roles, they will be informed about this when they edit their profile settings. Furthermore, they will be told that they will have to contact an administrator in order to change the roles:

Hide absence between employees

Our second new addition is that it is possible to choose whether the employees can see each other’s absence. You can find this setting in “Settings” → “Smartplan Settings” → “General”:

If you turn off this setting, employees will only be able to see their own absence on their profile and in the rotas. Administrators will still be able to see everybody’s absence.

The setting is turned on by default and this means that if you want to hide the absence you will have to turn off the setting.

I guess that was it for now. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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