3 Features that Make Smartplan Employee Scheduling Easy and Timesaving

At Smartplan we are constantly thinking of ways to refine and update our product to make employee scheduling even easier for you. Take a look at some of our latest updates to Smartplan:

Edit Your Released Smartplan Schedule

Sudden changes in the roster can happen often resulting in the need to make a few modifications to a released schedule.

That is why we have made it possible to edit an already released schedule by pressing the “Edit schedule” button. By pressing this button, Smartplan takes you back to the planning tool where you can make the necessary changes before once again releasing the schedule to your staff. While you edit your schedule, your staff can still see their shifts as they were, but only when you have released the roster can your employees once again interact with the roster.

Add Vacation, Days Off and Breaks

When creating a new schedule, adding an employee to a shift or editing an existing schedule, Smartplan tells you which of your employees are unavailable due to vacation or a day off.

Employees can insert the vacation or day off into their own profile and you as administrator can then either approve or reject. You can also create and delete vacation and days off for all employees.

In addition you can add, edit and erase breaks to your schedule. To help you save time in the planning process, Smartplan registers the entered break times. Then Smartplan automatically inserts the registered break time when a time block matches a previous one and suggests the time duration of the breaks.

Smartplan Logbook

With Smartplan Logbook you as the administrator can look up previous schedules and your employees can register their working hours. Smartplan Logbook creates an overview of the employees working on the day in question, the ones who came to work on time, worked late or left early and last but certainly not least how many hours to register on the payroll.

These are just a few of the features that make Smartplan easy and help you save time. Stay tuned for more great updates in the coming months! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Happy planning!

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