Updating the Assistant

Now that the dust has settled after the launch of our planning assistant, it’s time for an update to the function.

We have listened to the input we have gotten and seen how you have used the assistant. Based on this, we are now launching the following improvements:

  • Broken rules divided under each employee
  • Go to a broken rule with just one click
  • Shortcut to a rule
  • New rule: minimum number of hours per week
  • General improvements

Division of broken rules under each employee

The list of broken rules can be a bit long and confusing. Therefore, the broken rules are now divided into type under each employee. This is an example of how it could look when planning a rota:

Instead of the broken rules being repeated in each row, they are now divided into categories. Not all broken rules are equally important to the planner. That’s why we wanted to make it easier to get an overview of the broken rules that exist under each employee.

Go to a broken rule with just one click

In extension of the improved overview of rules, we have also made it easier to find the shift or the week, in which the broken rule occurs. Now, you can simply click on the broken rule and the browser will scroll down to the shift or week and show the relevant shift by marking it.

Shortcut to a rule

As you go through the broken rules, it can be difficult to remember which specific rules have been created for the individual employee. Therefore, we have now made a shortcut.

Place the mouse on the headline of the broken rule, and the Assistant will tell you what the rule is set to. Beneath you can see how it looks when I place the mouse on the broken rule “too many hours in the week”:

I’m told that the person is not supposed to have more than 15 hours a week.

New rule and general improvements

Lastly, I can mention the new rule we have launched: Minimum number of hours per week. This rule will make it easier for you to create a spectrum for the amount of hours, you want an employee to have. Now you can get a more precise suggestion from the Assistant if you ask it to suggest staffing.

Furthermore, we have fixed a number of errors, which were found using our monitoring systems and therefore, you might not even have noticed them. Unfortunately, some of our customers have experienced annoying errors, which have also been fixed now.

We hope you will be happy with the update! Please remember that you are always welcome to contact os, if you have any questions.

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