Update: Improved dropdown to staffing of shifts

Today, we have launched an update which improves the planningtool in Smartplan. We have several improvements in the making, and today the first one is ready for you.

The updates improve two parts:

  1. The overview of available employees when creating a new time span
  2. Easier editing of one shift

Better overview of availability

Previously, when staffing a new shift in the planningtool you would get a dropdown with a list of employees. This list was not sorted after roles and availability. Until today.

Now, we have sorted this list so that it looks like the following in the dropdown:

This list should give you a better overview, which makes it easier for you to choose the correct employee for a shift.

Easier editing of one shift

Until today, you have only been able to edit a shift’s staffing and note when clicking on it.

Now, we have also made changes to this so that you are able to edit the entire shift when clicking on it. You can edit time span, break, note, role and staffind. Exactly as it should be.

Often small corrections have the biggest impact. And when we look at these improvements, we wonder why we did not make them a long time ago. But we are learning every day and getting wiser in collaboration with our customers.

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