Let Your Customers Speak For You: How to Make a Great Customer Case

We often hear that word-of-mouth is the most effective way of letting potential customers know that your company exists and that your product is worth spending money on. Numerous marketing experts and companies agree on this, which applies to both B2C and B2B businesses. A study of the B2B market shows that 80% of the asked decision-makers of Danish companies think that customer cases have an influence on their choice of suppliers.

Therefore, it’s not enough to follow the TV-Shop strategy, where you inform your potential customers of how amazing your product is and how it can ease their everyday lives. What influences potential customers the most are the experiences with a product made by other customers. At Smartplan, we listen to these pieces of advice. We therefore spend much time and effort creating some great customer cases that inform potential customers, how they can benefit from using Smartplan. In the making of these cases, we follow some simple guidelines:

Be Concrete. Make sure that the customer gives a description of the experience with your product that is as detailed as possible. That way, potential customers are able to imagine how they can use the product optimally. It’s important for us to get statements describing how our customers create their schedules in Smartplan and which functions they are particularly pleased with. In addition, we often ask for permission to show a screenshot of their schedule in order to make the product more tangible to our customers.

Make It Personal. Human contact is extremely important and creates a trustworthy image of the case and statements. Use pictures of the customer or maybe even a video. We’ve chosen to work with video whenever possible, because we know from experience that a video creates the clearest picture of the company and makes it easy to understand, what other people say about the product.

Keep It Short. Despite the importance of other customers’ statements and experience in connection with the buying decision, it’s very important that the cases aren’t boring and lengthy to watch. The case should be short and precise and make the customer want to experience the product. Consequently, we have a rule of thumb saying that our cases are not allowed to last more than one minute.

Use The Case. When using resources to make a great case, it’s important to fully use it when it’s done. Implement the case nicely on your website, share it on your social media channels, contact the press to ask for coverage - use every possibility to share the interview you’ve made in connection with the case. As a bonus, the case might benefit the customer involved in it.

For us, cases also function as a way of reaching the businesses and stores that might not be the typical users of online employee scheduling. Earlier this month, we visited the farmer Mike Timmermann, who uses Smartplan to streamline the work on his farm.

Sources: Katalysator X2, Entrepreneur & Marketingpartner

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