Improved overview of available shifts

We have made it easier for you to get an overview of the available shifts, that exist on your account.

By available shifts we mean both shifts without an employee in the rota as well as shifts, that an employee would like to hand over.

How to get an overview of available shifts

On the page “Rotas”, we have added a button which shows the number of available shifts for each location on the account:

Through this you can quickly get a complete overview of the available shifts in the rotas for the chosen location.

On the screenshot above, I can for example choose to view available shifts for the location “Aalborg” and then it will look like the following:

Here you can get the following information about the available shifts:

  • Date
  • Position
  • Timeblock
  • Current owner

This means that you can get all the information you need about the available shifts. You can sort after these things, if you click on the titel at the top of each column.

But it is not only possible to view available shifts for each location. You can also choose to get an overview of all the available shifts there are on the account - across all locations. Simply click on “Show available shifts across all locations”:

Then all the available shifts on the account will appear - sorted by date:

How to take an available shift

When you have gotten an overview of the available shifts on the account and decided if you want to take some of them, you can easily do this. For each available shift it is possible to click on “View in schedule”:

Then you can simply choose “take shift”:

That’s easy, right?

This new overview is available to all users on the account - whether you are an administrator or not.

We hope, that it has now become easier for you to take available shifts in Smartplan! If you should have any questions, you can as always contact us at or through the chat.

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