Not Your Typical Customer

At Smartplan we love customers – in all shapes and sizes! And we’re sure that many companies feel the same way. Also, we think that many companies sometimes come across surprising customers. These are customers that you wouldn’t expect to have use of your product or maybe even customers you didn’t know existed. This is something that we experience at Smartplan from time to time, and we see it as a positive thing, as it shows us that our product is versatile.

One of these unexpected customers, is Greve Library. A modern library is much more than just book loans. Greve Library offers guidance, IT-facilities, tutoring and legal guidance. They also host a range of events and gatherings for which they need to organise personal. These are some of the tasks that Smartplan helps Greve Library manage. Marianne, librarian and master, tells:

“We still walk around with a smile on our faces telling each other how smart it [Smartplan] is. We love that we’re able to use Smartplan on iPad, and it’s a huge help that we can synchronize the schedule with our calendars.”

For us, it’s wonderful to see libraries stay contemporary and take advantage of the opportunities that simple and modern technology offers.

A rather different company that, none the less, resulted in us being just as surprised about their sign-up, is Street Movement. We didn’t know the company before they became customers. Street Movement’s work is based on the art of movement and the sport parkour. The company does engineering, makes campaigns and teaches; all from the philosophy that movement should be at the centre. Smartplan helps organise the teaching. Mikkel, who’s in charge of shift scheduling and payroll says:

“Some of what makes my job easier is that with one click I’m able to export the employees’ hours to Excel, making it simple, easy and precise to do the wage management.”

We’re happy that Mikkel emphasizes the simplicity of Smartplan, as we always keep that on our minds when developing. The essence of Smartplan is that it’s easy and simple to use, and therefore we consider it thoroughly before adding new features. Every new feature makes the system a little less simple.

This was just two of our good and untypical customers, whom we’re very glad to have. We could write about many more and we appreciate being able to do so, as they’re a part of what keeps our view of Smartplan fresh!

Sources: Greve Bibliotek, Street Movement, Stavrography (photo 2)

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