Add and edit employees directly in Smartplan’s app

Today, we have a new update ready which should make it even easier for you to keep track of your employees in Smartplan. Going forward, you can easily add new employees and edit existing employees’ profiles - directly in the app.

Previously, it has only been possible to add and edit employees from a computer. So with this update, you can hopefully save some time as you do not have to start up your computer but instead just can open the app. Once you have opened the app, you simply click on “Employees”.

Add a new employee

If you want to create a user for a new employee, you click on the “+” icon in the top, left corner on the page. As always, you only have to fill out the employee’s first name and position(s) when you add the user. Therefore, you can for example choose not to fill out the emailadress right away, if you are not ready to invite the employee to Smartplan - the invitation will be send when you fill out the emailadress.

Edit an employee’s information

Once in a while, you might have to edit the information you have on an employee. Perhaps the employee has a new phone number or emailadress? Or perhaps you have to add new positions to the employee? All of this can now be done directly from the app - quick and easy.

On the “Employees” page, you simply click on the employee whose information you want to edit. On their profile, you click on “Edit” in the top, right corner.

Now, you can edit exactly what you would like in the employee’s information:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Emailadress
  • Phone number
  • Position(s)

Finally, we can just briefly mention that our developers are currently working on adding even more options regarding the employees’ profiles in Smartplan - and among these the option of adding additional information to the profiles. Below, you can get a preview of what is to come and we will of course provide you with much more information as soon as it is ready.

I guess that was all for now. As always feel free to reach out to us on if you have any questions at all.

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