Keeping track of your SaaS with ChartMogul on iPhone

As a small company we keep a close eye at every single customer that signups up to try Smartplan for employee scheduling. One of our tools to keep up with our business is ChartMogul.

Often our numbers is the first thing we check when we get up in the morning, and the last thing we do before bed. This wasn’t easy on ChartMoguls web-app, which is made for a more in-depth view of your numbers. Fortunately they just opened their API to the public.

Recently we have been looking into React Native. The new Facebook Framework to build native IOS apps. We consider using React Native to build our own apps for Smartplan, and we thought a little practice could help us prepare for our own product apps. So what better way to practice, than to build an app we could use our self. It’s a win-win.

We gave ourself two days to try and build a prototype of an IOS app to check our Monthly Recurring Revenue, our Yearly Recurring Revenue and our total number of customers. That’s all. A quick way to check our numbers on our iPhones.

View on App Store

We build the app with React Native, and we spend one night, and one day doing it. The app only has two screens and this is how it looks:

If you use ChartMogul, the only thing you have to do is put in your api key, and the app will get the numbers for you.

View on App Store

Hit me up on Twitter (@maggerbo) if you have any questions or comments.

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