Efficiency and error reduction: Unleash the power of superusers and locations

It’s time for the third post in our series about the newest update in Smartplan. Previously, we have given you a brief introduction to the content of the update (superusers + allocating employees to location). And last time, we looked at how both you and your employees can achieve more control and get a better overview in Smartplan by using the new features.

This time, we will give you examples of how you and your team can work more efficiently in Smartplan if you use the new features and thereby minimize the risk of errors occurring.

Quick and efficient management of rotas, absences and communication

When it comes to managing rotas and handling absences, having a system that facilitates these tasks quickly and efficiently is crucial. Your time should be spent on activities that add value to your customers, employees, and your business. Therefore, we’re delighted to inform you that you and your team can now save even more time on these tasks.

Moving forward, when creating rotas, you’ll notice that only employees that have been assigned to a specific location appear in the lists when assigning shifts. Similarly, when you want to get an overview of how hours are distributed among your employees in the right side of the planningtool, you’ll only see the employees associated with the location you’re creating a rota for.

The same principle applies to absence management. Superusers with permissions to handle absences will only see employees that have been assigned to the locations where they can manage absences. This means that in both scenarios, you’ll only be presented with the employees and information that are relevant to your specific needs. This streamlines the scheduling and absence management processes, reducing the chances of errors, such as assigning a shift to the wrong employee or mistakenly adding absences.

If you choose to restrict employees from viewing data from locations they are not assigned to, you’ll also minimize the risk of errors in messaging and communication. In this case, both you and your employee will only be able to send messages to one location at a time, preventing unintended information exchanges and ensuring that communication remains targeted and relevant.

Set up an effective and clear division of tasks

The new option to grant certain employees superuser permissions can contribute to increased efficiency on your account. You or your admins can specify which rights and features each superuser should have access to. This ensures that superusers only access the information and features relevant to their individual tasks.

By clearly defining who has what permissions on the account, you reduce the risk of errors in scheduling, payroll, absence management and other areas of the system. Fewer people with access to each feature mean fewer opportunities for mistakes. Additionally, this ensures that superusers are not distracted by areas in the system that are unrelated to their responsibilities, allowing them to work more efficiently with their specific tasks.

No unnecessary notifications

Finally, we want to minimize disruptions during the workday. Both admins and employees will receive notifications related only to the locations to which they have been assigned. This ensures that no one is bothered by irrelevant messages and notifications, enabling both you and your employees to stay focused on matters that are genuinely relevant to your individual roles.

If you would like to learn more about how to make the most of these new features, we recommend checking out these two articles from our manual:

We hope you’ll find that the use of Smartplan becomes even more efficient in the future - both yours and your employees’. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at support@trysmartplan.com or via the support button in the system.

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