Have a Holly, Jolly Christmas With Smartplan

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!”

Perry Como is right – with less than one month until Christmas Eve, Christmas time is just around the corner. Next week, our calendars hit 1st of December and even though many people have already started their Christmas shopping in November, the official Christmas shopping doesn’t start until December. We have found this infographic providing you with “The Real Cost of Christmas in the UK”, showing the Brits’ Christmas consumption. Despite the fact that the numbers are a few years old, it still gives you an idea of how busy Christmas time is, especially in retail.

As you can see, UK consumers spend a great amount of money in December. Most money is spent on presents and especially toys, perfume and electronic devices are popular gifts under the Christmas tree. This is important for retail, where December equals a busy work day and bringing in extra staff to alleviate the stress. It’s easy enough to hire more people, but to integrate them in the workplace for such a short time can be a challenge. Do you have the December employees and their shifts under control? Does your employee schedule look completely chaotic? We can help you with that.

Ditch Excel and long, confusing, static lists of work times and employees – that’ll only increase your level of stress. By using an online employee scheduling system you’ve always got an overview of your employees, and making changes or seeing who’s working today is easy and fast. Additionally, your employees can swap shifts with each other and you can write them messages inside the system or via text message or email. Smartplan can help you with all these things. You still have time before we reach December to get on top of the Christmas preparations for your store, if you sign up today.

Happy planning!

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