News! Smartplan supports API

Now it is possible to do integrations with Smartplan through our recently launched API.

This means, that now you can take out data that you can utilise to run your business even more effectively. But when is it relevant for you to use our API?

Maybe you would like to connect your rota closer with an economic follow-up in another system. If you for example have a warehouse it might be interesting for you to look at the total amount of hours in Smartplan and compare these with a number of completed tasks in an operative system.

Or maybe, you would like to compare the rota with the amount of packages or the number of collections that were made in a certain period of time.

Or maybe you have an economic system that reports sales, and you would like to compare the spending of hours with the amount of sales.

Maybe you want to show planned schedules on a big screen together with other central numbers for your company.

Or it could be relevant for you if you’re using other services that wishes to integrate with Smartplan.

Our API opens up for a lot of possibilities to make the most of the data you generate in Smartplan together with your other systems.

The API is only available for the account owner and can get activated when accessing “Settings” → “Smartplan Settings” → “API”.

You can collect the following data through our API:

  1. Hours (future shifts/finished shifts)
  2. Locations
  3. Job types
  4. Employees

You can find our documentation here and send questions regarding the API to - then a developer will answer you as quickly as possible.

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