Smartplan Welcomes Our New Communication Interns

As the summer is drawing to a close, changes are happening at Smartplan. On Wednesday 5th of August, Martina, Louise and Maiken, our three new communication interns, started working here at Smartplan. All three girls are Master students at Aarhus University with the department of Business and Social Sciences and have chosen to do an internship at Smartplan during their third semester. In the course of their internship, they are going to help give our communication a boost and try to give you a better experience of our online communication and social media. Additionally, they will work on generating more attention towards our company and software and help strengthen our position on the English-speaking markets.

Martina is 26 and a Master student of English with a profile in International Market Communication and Public Relations. She is looking forward to gaining practical experience of the theories and knowledge, which her studies have provided her with. She is also excited about taking on tasks in the field of online marketing and to help us become more prominent on as well the Danish market as the English-speaking markets.

Louise is 25 and a Master student of Corporate Communication. She has chosen to do an internship because she wanted to try her skills on Corporate Communication in real life:

“I’m looking forward to working at Smartplan the next five months, as I will be working with a broad spectre of the theories I have studied for four years. Hopefully, I will also be able to contribute to the value creation at Smartplan.”

Maiken is 25 and also a Master student of English with the same profile as Martina. As an intern at Smartplan, she expects to receive more hands-on experience with communication and public relations than so far offered by her studies. Maiken looks forward to working with and making a difference for a smaller, local business, where she will be focusing on, among others, social media and optimising Smartplan’s position on the English-speaking markets.

Besides being students at Aarhus University, our interns have two other things in common: they are all nice girls and they like (or rather love) cake, which has already led to the creation of a list dictating who brings cake for the office every Monday. Give them a warm welcome - you will seeing a lot more of them during this fall.

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