We now support salary calculations

It is now possible to completely calculate salaries within Smartplan, so that you can always keep track of your labour costs. Not only for past working hours, but also for future working hours, based on your current planning.

Within the Smartplan system, the salary feature is one of the lesser known features. However, with all your employee data already centralized in Smartplan, it only makes sense to use this data to lighten the work of your monthly payroll accounting. By improving our salary feature bit by bit, we hope to make it more suitable and appealing for a broad range of customers.

As part of this process we have now added a calculation engine to the salary function. As you might remember from setting up the function, it was only possible to add a certain salary type (often the specific salary code of an external salary system). In our salary export, you would then get the information on how many hours your employees worked within a given salary type.

However, from now on you will be able to define the exact value of each salary type, meaning the hourly rate. You can still choose to add a salary type on top of the hourly rate in your salary setup. But this is purely optional.

This means that you will not necessarily allocate salary types to your employees anymore, but proper rates. Similar to the salary types, you can of course allocate several salary rates to your employees, based on their different job positions.

The change also applies to our supplements and absence registrations. However, you will not only be able to add hourly rates here, but a percentage as well. Paying supplements as a proportion of the main salary is a common practice. It means that Smartplan can calculate the supplement proportionally based on the salary type that a person has. In case you set up differing salary rates depending on the job position of a shift, our system will take that into account as well.


A brand new “Hours & Salary” interface

The “Hours & Salary” page has gotten a new look. We have cleaned up the interface a bit, which hopefully provides you with an even better overview and intuitive user experience.

The main difference is that the hourly rates and salary calculations are now integrated directly into the “Hours & Salary” view. When the salary function is enabled, the hour look-up is extended by a new column, stating the overall salary/cost for each employee in the period:

The sidebar overview, now on the left, additionally states the overall salary cost for the period. Here you will be able to see how the actual hours differs from the originally planned hours and how that is affecting the salary costs. All it takes is a quick glance:

By including the salary data already in the “Hours & Salary” tab, the planning process will become much more cost-efficient for all of our Smartplan Plus customers - even those that usually don’t make use of the salary export. Any person responsible for the employee scheduling and time management is probably also interested in how his or her planning is affecting the labour expenses and now they will be able to oversee this directly in the overview. 


Salary data requires your full attention

Although it is designed to easen your payroll accounting a lot, this new feature is not taking your responsibility to double check working times and wages off you. When working with such delicate data as attendance and salaries, they should always be handled with special care and responsibility.


That said, we are very confident that this new addition to Smartplan will make life easier for many of our customers. 

Do you have any questions on how this update will affect your previous payrolling in Smartplan? Or would you like to get started with handling your payroll accounting with Smartplan because of this update? 

If so, please reach out to us. We are available by email (support@trysmartplan.com) or directly in the chat, when logging into your Smartplan account.

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