Pay salary based on positions

We have now given you more options regarding how your employees’ salary should be calculated. Previously, it has only been possible to assign one salary type to each employee. But from now an employee can receive different salaries based on which position their shifts had. Exactly what does this mean for your salary settings? Let us take a look.

Assign salary types and employee numbers to employees

In your salary settings, you will now find a new box in which you can add the employees’ employee numbers. The means that going forward you can add these right away instead of having to wait until you export salary.

Furthermore, you can add each employee’s salary type in the same box:

As shown in the screenshot, you can choose one salary type which the employee will receive for their ordinary hours. But as something new, you can also choose if the employee should receive other salary types in case they have shifts with other positions.

This means, that if you company pays different salaries based on which positions the employees have worked with, you can now set this up directly in Smartplan.

Pay salary supplements based on positions

It is however not only with the salary types, you can use this new setting. The same goes for salary supplements.

When you click on “Add supplement”, you have to fill out the same information about the supplements as you have previously done. The only difference is that now you can also choose whether all positions should have this supplement or only shifts with certain positions.

This way, you can ensure that the employees only receive the supplement if their shifts had a certain position.

You can of course also edit your existing supplements and choose whether all positions should receive these or only some.

If you are unsure about how to set up your salary settings, we encourage you to take a look in our manual. On this page we have collected a group of articles, which all deal with salary in Smartplan.

Otherwise, feel free to contact us at or through the chat. Then our Support Team will assist you.

We hope that you will like our new update.

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