Experience correct time and attendance registrations and save money with Smartplan Time

Get rid of pencil and paper and confusing time sheets. Your registrations are directly integrated into Smartplan.

Easy configuration and access

You don’t need any special equipment or IT skills to get started with Smartplan Time. The time clock is available from all units, as long as you have access to the internet. Use a tablet, computer, iPhone Touch, smartphone or another unit with a browser.

Avoid incorrect registrations

Do you spend too much time trying to decode the time sheets from your employees? Or is it a problem for you that your employees don’t register their work hours correctly? Smartplan Time allows them to quickly and easily clock in and out and take a break.

Make your wage management clearer

The time clock is integrated directly into your Smartplan account. Get an overview of your employees’ time attendance with just a few clicks.When calculating and managing wages, you can retrieve the data from Smartplan Time and copy it into your wage system.

How to use Smartplan Time as an employee

Clock in Clock out

1Choose your name

2Type your private PIN code

3Choose your shift and clock in

Register your breaks

You decide whether the employee should type in his break during the shift or wait until clocking out.

Easy overview of the activities of the day

The time clock shows a live list of the activities of the day. As the administrator, you can even open the time clock from your office and keep an eye on the activities.

Spontaneous clock in

Do you sometimes call in an employee, who isn’t scheduled to work? With a few extra clicks, the employee is able to clock in without a scheduled shift

Why were you late?

When clocking out, the employees can attach a message with their registrations. This gives you an explanation, when you check the hourly overview for approval.

Are you ready to manage wages? Smartplan is.

Retrieve wage data in a few seconds. Open Smartplan and gain direct access to all your data from the time clock combined with data from your staff rota.

Smartplan is a perfect match for your business

It’s easy to switch

Whether you’re currently using scheduling software, Excel or even a pen and paper, switching to Smartplan is quick and easy.

It just works

Smartplan combines a simple, user-friendly interface and powerful scheduling tools to create a system that just works.

Take care of your bottom line

We’ve ditched unnecessary frills and functions to give you the most cost-effective solution.