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Synchronisation of shifts into iCal (Apple)

If you're in doubt about how to get started easily with synchronising your shifts to your calendar, then maybe you'll benefit from our two guides:

"Synchronisation of own shifts"

"Synchronise a location with your calendar".

In this moment you should be at a time where you have this field open.

Click on "+ Add to iPhone/Mac." to synchronise with iCal.

Next, you'll press "Subscribe"

Now you'll get the chance to edit your calendar. You can for example add the name and colour you'd like it to show in your calendar.

"Auto-refresh" is a good idea to change so your calendar will update more often. This way you'll never miss out on changes made in Smartplan, because they'll transfer directly into your calendar.

When you're all done hit the "OK" button. You should now be able to see your shifts in your calendar: