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How shift swaps works through the app

In Smartplan you can also do a shift swap through the app.

Start by going to the "Rotas" menu item. Then select the rota in which the shift you want to hand over is in.

Then click on the shift you want to hand over. In my example, my account is Bo, and I want to hand over my shift Tuesday 16th:

Next, I click on "Handover" at the top right. Click on the small arrow to select who you want to hand the shift over to.

Now you will be able to see the employees who can work. This means that it is the employees who have right position for the shift, or who do not have another shift within the same time block. In my example I choose Jørgen. When I have chosen him, I click on "OK" and then "Hand over shift":

Now you will see, that you want to hand over your chosen shift. Here you can also see who needs to approve the shift swap. In my example, Jørgen and an administrator need to approve the shift swap:

The shift swap must only be approved by an administrator if it has been selected in the account settings that a shift swap must be approved by an administrator.

Once Jørgen (and possibly an administrator) has approved the shift swap, Jørgen will be the new owner of the shift.

How to accept a shift swap request through the app

If you have a colleague who wants to hand over a shift to you, you will be able to see it under "Incoming shifts" under the menu item "Me". Click on the shift to choose whether you want to approve/reject the shift swap.

In the example below, my user is Jørgen, and as you can see, I have received a request from Bo, that he wants me to take over his cashier-shift from 06:00-12:00 on November 16th:

At the same time, you can also see that the shift swap lacks approval from me (Jørgen) and an administrator.

Once all parties have accepted the shift swap, I will be the new owner of the shift.

How to make your shift available

It is also possible to make your shift available so that it is not handed over to a specific employee. In that way, all employees - with the right position and without another shift in that time block - have the opportunity to take the shift.

To make your shift available, simply click on the shift in the rota that you want to make available. Then click "Make shift available":

Once you have pressed "Make shift available", all employees will be able to see in the rota, that you want to hand over your shift:

If you want to cancel, that you want to make your shift available, you can click on the shift and press "Cancel".

When an employee takes over the shift, he or she will be the new owner of the shift. But you will be the owner of the shift until another person takes it.

You can take over an available shift by clicking on the shift. Then click on "Available" and then "Take shift". You can take the shift if you do not have a shift in the same time block and if you have the right position.

How to approve a shift change via the app as an administrator

If an administrator has chosen in the account settings, that you as an administrator must approve shift swaps, you will also be able to do this through the app.

You will see a notification on the "Employees" menu item in the app. Click on "Employees". In my example, you can see that I have 1 request that needs my approval:

When clicking on "1 request needs your approval", it is possible to see who wants to make a shift swap and when - and either approve or reject it. As soon as the shift swap is approved, the change can be seen in the rota.