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How to use the punch clock in the app as an employee

Before you can use the punch clock in the app, an administrator has turn activate the function on the account. We have a guide on how to do this, which you can read here: Punch in and out through the app

When the function has been activated, you will be asked to allow the app access to your GPS, so that the app can know your location.

The app will only ask for access to the GPS if the functions has been activated by an administrator. The app will only check your location, when the app is open. It is the GPS which determines, whether you are within one of the areas on the account and if this is the case, you can punch in and out.

How to punch in and out in the app

Start by clicking on your shift. Then you will be able to see if you are within one of the areas, the administrators have added to the account. The area will be marked by an orange circle. If you are within the area, you can punch in.

When you have punched in, it will be visible under "Me" and you can also see for how long it has been since you punched in.

When it is time to register a break or punch out from the shift, simply click on your shift again and then choose either "Activate break time" or "Clock out". At the bottom, you can see when you have punched in.

Do you not have a shift, you can punch in to?

It is also possible to create shifts directly in the punch clock. It might be relevant, if your are suddenly called to work without actually having a shift.

If this is the case, simply go to "Me" and click on the punch clock icon in the top right corner. Then choose "Create shift and clock in to it". Then choose which location you have to punch in to, which position the shifts has and when you expect to leave work.

Afterwards you will be able to punch in to the shift. After having punched in, you can see the shift on the page "Me", and you will be able to register a break or punch out, just as if it was a shift you had in the schedule.

You can read much more about how the employees' can use the punch clock without having a planned shift in the rota in this article.