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How to hand in requests for a new rota

Did you just receive a notification, that a rota is open for requests? Then an admin wants you to hand in your requests regarding when you can and cannot work.

To hand in your requests simply click on "Submit requests" on the specific rota:

Then you will get to the page, where you can hand in your requests. Here you will see all the time spans in the rota, that are available for you. As the text at the top says, you must mark all the shifts where you CAN'T work:

Under every week, you will also be able to see what the two marks mean. If the shift is marked red, it means you are unavailable in that time span and cannot take the shift. If it is marked green, it means you are available and can take the shift:

Now it is time for me to mark all shifts, where I cannot work. Click on a shift and it will be marked red. If you want to unmark them, simply just click on the shift again. Here you can see, that I have marked September 1st and September 9th red all day and finally I have marked September 7th 09:15-14:00 red. That means I can take the shift September 7th from 12:00-18:00 and all the other shifts, who are not marked red:

When you are done, go to the bottom of the page and click "Submit requests":

Did you forget to mark some shifts red?

If you forgot to mark some shifts red after you have submitted your request, no worries. You can still edit your requests after having submitted them. Simply click "Edit requests":

How to hand in requests in the app

You can also hand in requests through the Smartplan app. Go to "Rotas" and click on the rota, that is open for requests. Just mark the time spans red, where you cannot work. Finally scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Submit requests":

In the app, you can also edit your requests after you have handed them in. Just click "Edit requests" on the Rota.