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Make a look-up for salary

When you want to get an overview of a certain period of time you can check it in "Hours and Salary". You can find "Hours and Salary" in the menu bar:

If you wish to make a look-up simply click on “Choose Date”:

Now you can either choose an entire month by clicking on the name of a month (for example September, 2021) or you can choose a specific start and end date manually:

The look-up can for example look like this:

This way you can get an overview of all hours within a certain period of time. To the right of the chart you can find the overall number of hours, in this example it is 420.

Next to each employee you can see how many hours they have worked within this period. There are two columns ‘Hours in schedule’ and ‘Hours after changes’. If an employee has unpaid absence in this period the numbers in the two columns will not be the same.

An example: Jessica has two hours of (approved) absence in this period: