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Correct prior hours

If you want to make corrections in you employees’ working hours, start by clicking on “Hours & Salary”:

Now you can choose the date or period for which you want to make a correction by clicking on “Choose Date”. This could for example be July 4th:

Next to the employee, whose shift you want to correct, click on the period of time within the column “Hours after changes”. This could for example be 8.00 next to Sarah. Then you can see the specific shift:

Below “Changes to attended time” you can click on the period of time. In this example it is from 08:00-16:00.

Now a pop-up will open in which you can change the period of time for the shift. You might for example change the end-time to 15:00 if the employee has left earlier. Then you can click on “Save”:

The corrected hours will appear in the logbook. In this example the change is approved. This is the case when an administrator has approved the correction. 

The employees can correct the hours of their shift when it is finished. If an employee correct the hours, the administrators will be noticed and then they can approve or reject the corrections. 

If Frederikke has worked 1 hour later on a shift it will look like this for administrators on the account. The red hours await correction:

If you click on the number in the column “Hours after changes” (the red number) the shift will be unfolded and it will be possible to click on “Accept changes” in the column “Handle changes”:

If you click on “Accept changes” the correction will be approved and the number will become green. It is always possible to change an approval under “Handle changes”.

Frederikke will now be able to see that the correction has been approved on her profile.

N.B.: Even though a correction is not approved by an administrator it will still be the hours in the column “Hours after changes” which will count in the account of hours. An administrator will have to make a change in the correction if it should not count.