Get an overview with Smartplan Log Book

Smartplan Log Book provides you with an overview of the time attendance for specific days, weeks or months, so that you are always informed about the status quo of your employees and their shifts.

Time Attendance

Sometimes shifts don’t go as planned. Maybe James had to leave earlier than planned one day or stay an extra 30 minutes because he still had work to do. How do you go about that? Smartplan Log Book allows you to register if you spent more or less time working than expected. The employee chooses the relevant date and states the actual hours or minutes spent working. Smartplan notifies the administrator of the changes made, which must then be accepted. That way you are always kept up-to-date on the shifts and hours used in your company and you don’t even need a time clock to administer it.

Export Your Data to Excel

When it’s time to calculate and manage wages, you can export your data to Excel to make the process easier. Smartplan Log Book provides you with details according to employees, job types, dates or shifts to insert in your Excel sheet. Make the monthly duty of wage management an easier task by letting Smartplan Log Book assist you.

Why are Smartplan and my business the perfect match?

Easily switch without frustrations

It’s too inconvenient to switch from Excel or your current system. Don’t worry – with Smartplan you will be up and running in minutes

Because you need software that works

Want an online rota that works? Smartplan is the solution!

Because price matters

Low prices and no commitment are important to you and you don’t need unnecessary functions.